Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Getting ready to leave!

Six days until my flight takes off for New Zealand! I'm pretty excited and also pretty nervous. It finally hit me last night that I am about to go to the opposite side of the world where I know no one and have no place to live. I'm excited about the prospect of being a real person but after 22 years of living with my parents or in a dorm with an unlimited meal plan things should be interesting. At any rate my first attempts at cooking should be interesting. (I'm predicting a lot of pasta and scrambled eggs.)

Other than the nerves, preparations are going well. I stopped working at the vet's office on Jan 8 and spent the week after that in Baja California with my family. It was gorgeous and warm and I had a great time hanging out (despite my GRE studying). I saw a number of lizards which is always exciting. (Didn't catch any at the request, er, begging, of my family.) Mexico also has some amazing hummingbirds. (These too freak my brother out.)

I have spent the last few days running around collecting pieces of papers from various locations (international driving permit, immunization records, etc.) and notifying credit card companies that I'll be in New Zealand. So much to do. Logically I'd leave it all to the last moment. Anyway, I should start packing. If anyone wants a postcard, email me your mailing address:

- New Zealand's coming up soon!
- No more dogs and cats. Bring on the reptiles!
- When moving to a foreign country for the year, start preparing more than a week in advance
- postcards!