Tuesday, July 7, 2009



As my roommates can tell you, I have a tendency to write overly detailed email accounts of my foreign travel to study lizards. I also inevitably leave 3 or 4 people off the email list initially. In an attempt to not clog people's inboxes and not leave people guessing as to what they may have missed (yes, my minute-by-minute accounts are that important), I decided to start this blog. Thank you, roommates (and mostly Gil), for the idea. I promise I will try to keep the posts brief. (And if I fail, I will always include a summary [for Brad... and Emma, Caroline, Lisa, Jenn, Tracy, Megan, Meghan and Anna].)

I probably will not write anything for another couple weeks when I'll be off to Panama for a 3 week herping trip. (For those of you who are not familiar with the terminology, "herping" means to look for reptiles and amphibians and has nothing to do with STDs.)

*Has no idea how to properly sign off a blog post* -Hannah

- Hi
- I will try to do short updates on my travels.
- "Herping" has nothing to do with STDs
- I don't know how to blog.

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