Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aquatic anoles

This morning we had a very long walk. I think it was about 10 miles round trip. Thankfully mostly flat. We went to return the aquatic anoles that Anthony caught. The stream was gorgeous. Unfortunately I got in a little deeper than I wanted. In an hour of walking in a river, you're bound to get wet. Thankfully the cameras and my backpack were fine. Also, we did not see a croc in the stream, for which I was very grateful.

On the way to and from the stream we saw some cool things. We saw a trogon (its family includes the quetzal, seriously, google image it; it's gorgeous), howler monkeys, capuchins (who only threw little stuff at us), a bunch of butterflies (including morphos) and a bunch of frogs. There were a number tourists. Kat and I walked back to the start of the road we were on with a couple. Turns out they were from Cambridge, MA. Small world. (Sidenote: yesterday when walking away from the observation tower, I heard a guide saying, "And these are the scientists. They are walking..." I felt like I was in a zoo.)

For now we're hanging out while Kris analyzes the clinging ability of some lizards before we return them. There's another guy staying here who's a photographer. He showed us some of his photos. Pretty fantastic. He's going to come with us to throw another Tachy (gliding gecko) off the tower.

- long walk, but it had monkeys! and lots of water!
- tourists are still weird
- about to throw another gecko

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