Monday, August 10, 2009

bug bites = the worst; pina coladas = the best

The grass models: because I know you guys were waiting with bated breath. We found 60% of them. In the torrential rains in the 48 hour period they were out, I'd say 90% fell from their original position. It was very annoying. We spent the morning in the blazing sun sifting through saw grass. My skin loves me. We did see a little bird jumping up and down in the grass, though, which was cute.

The afternoon, however, was much better. We were set to do one of our 4 mile each way hikes in the middle of a huge rainstorm and the guy who runs the house we're staying at gave us a ride! It was awesome! We spent the next few hours tromping around in the stream which was a lot of fun. Thankfully I did not slip and break anything. :)

Today, the exciting news is it was our (one and only) day off! Of course we couldn't get our act together to figure out what to do. We ended up sleeping in (7am never felt so late!) and hanging out at the bar in the resort next door. I'm not complaining. :) It was nice to have the day to just relax. Agatha Christie + a nice drink = not bad. While some of us were lounging, a few other people were throwing the pentaprion off the roof. Apparently they glide. There are some really really cool shots. I'm pretty stoked to see them do it again. They spread out their limbs and the hyoid bone (which anchors the tongue) and they can actually glide and maneuver. It's so cool.

- day off! hanging at the resort and relaxing!
- pentaprion can glide!
- grass models suck

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  1. Oh Hannah! It sounds like so much fun!!! I loved hitch-hiking in Madagascar- nothing compares to the relief when someone stops and offers you a ride in the middle of a rainstorm when you're carrying a couple kilos of lychees.... except for maybe the relief when the wedding is OVER! :)
    Miss you lots, hope you're safe!