Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hi all. This is going to be a short post because there's not a whole lot going on. Currently we're in the middle of another thunderstorm. They're really quite impressive, especially to an Angeleno like me.

I forgot to mention before that there are a lot of frogs here. Kat, one of the postdocs on the trip, caught a dendrobates auratus, also known as that little green and black poison frog. It's very cute. We've also seen a lot of brown things running around the forest, especially right after it rains. I think my favorite frogs, though, are the tungaras. They're rain frogs that hang out in puddles and call to one another. Their call sounds like an old space video game or movie. It sounds kind of like when jedis would shoot at the death star in the old star wars movies. It's a great addition to the usual sounds of the forest.

The search for lizards can sometimes be frustrating. Kris and I spent a good 4 hours around the observation tower looking for lizards. We eventually found 4 individuals of the species we wanted but that was basically a miracle. The guy who works at the tram that the resort guests take to the tower has tried to help us several times. I think he's concerned for our sanity. Every day he walks by and asks us if we've seen anything and we almost never have. Oh well. The joys of field work. I have however seen a lot of spiderwebs. I always associate spiderwebs with old abandoned buildings. It's funny that here the spiders will build them overnight across paths that are used every day. I've walked into quite a few. Thankfully I haven't gotten any in my mouth as others have.

Anyway, things are quiet here. Hope you're all well.

-more rain
- lizard hunting can be frustrating
- frogs are cool
- spiderwebs are not

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